Doing caravanning near Bilbao

Coming to stay at the campsite Larrouleta, you will be only a hundred kilometers from the famous Spanish city of Bilbao. See you there from the campsite, by car, or why not camper to spend a day culturally abundant. Many tips will be provided at the reception of the campsite Larrouleta for a great day in Bilbao.

Bilbao, a city of culture

Bilbao is a city with two faces. The old town is separated from the modern district by a bridge. It is an essential city for art and architecture lovers. Moreover, Bilbao is very proud of its Guggenheim museum which took part in the new impetus of the city.

Football fans will enjoy visiting the famous stadium of the Athletic Bilbao team, the San Mames, and why not attend a football game of the local team.

Must see tours in Bilbao

Embodying the happy marriage of modernity and tradition, Bilbao is particularly famous for the visionary architecture of its Guggenheim Museum: the building, emblematic of the Spanish port city, is home to a rich exhibition of modern and contemporary art.
In the city center, do not miss the oldest historical monuments: the Basilica of Begoña and Santiago Cathedral, the Palace of the Diputación and the City Hall, or the University of Deusto. Not to be missed in Bilbao, the market halls of Ribera represent the largest covered market in Europe.
The alleys of the old town invite you to stroll.
In their many shops, you can enjoy sales throughout the two summer months.
The very festive "Bilbao Great Week" finally takes place the third week of August.