Espelette, a village for spicy holidays

Located at the foot of the Pyrenees, 20 minutes from the Basque coast and the ocean, and not far from the Spanish border, Espelette is a Basque village that has preserved all its authenticity over time. This typical village of the Basque Country is famous for its pepper, it is also one of the essential tourism in the Basque Country.

To visit in Espelette:

Famous in the world of French gastronomy, the village of Espelette is known by the famous Espelette pepper. For a weekend or for a successful holiday, the village of Espelette is a place to visit. Among the must-see places to visit are real estate in Espelette, the museum of pepper gathering various information, including the chili. There is also the Museum of Art, Culture, History and Science, located on the main street near the Château des Barons. Temporary and permanent presentations are made. In addition to museums, Espelette still has exhibition sites for the discovery of a craft, such as the chocolate factory Antton revealing everything about chocolate and the craft of chocolate. Moreover, during your sightseeing, the old castle of the barons, the Saint-Etienne church, or the tomb of Agnès Souret are historical monuments of the city that deserve a detour.

Activities in Espelette:

Espelette and its surroundings are home to many leisure centers offering flagship activities, such as bowling, squash and paintball. Espelette is also a village that breathes nature and holidays. It reserves new activities but mostly centered around chilli or gastronomy. If you have the opportunity, the feast of chilli is not to be missed. It takes place on the last Sunday of October, every year. For lovers of outdoor activities, Olaizola Panpi is one of the must-sees. This is a moonlight hike around the village. Moreover, "Nature and rivers" offers to experience the pleasure offered by outdoor sports, you can enjoy the multi-activity rivers of the Pyrenees or a simple baptism sports rivers with canoeing kayak. There are also equestrian excursions offered by the horse farm Zaldika.