La Rhune

Walking or taking the little train, la Rhune is a must visit place!

From the top you will have a breath taking view to Basque coast and to the Pyrenees mountain chain. On the road feel free to meet our little Basque horse " Pottok" and other inhabitants of this mountain.

La Rhune, the Basque massif not to be missed

If you want to discover all the Basque Country, literally, the mountains of the Rhune is a must. The Rhune massif is indeed the highest point of the Basque Country. It offers an exceptional panorama over the Landes territory, the Atlantic Ocean and even beyond the Spanish border thanks to its height of 905 m. You can admire the most beautiful sites in the country from the top of these mountains. But the Rhune is also a generous nature where various animal and plant species coexist in harmony. The environments are wild and offer varied landscapes for the delight of nature lovers. You will discover a large number of tumuli, cromlechs and dolmens. The mountains of Rhune are discovered in two different ways: during a walk on foot or via the famous train of the Rhune. Walking through these mountains, you will certainly meet the little Basque horses that we call the "Pottok" or even manech ewes with blackheads or redheads, a sight that you will not see anywhere else. The little cogwheel train ride from the Saint-Ignace pass is a must. The main attraction of the massif, this collection train dates from 1924. You will then go for 35 minutes of ascent in these wooden cars, a tempting experience to perfection. Arrived up there, the "ventas" will be happy to offer you a small snack and many other products.

Activities in La Rhune

The Rhune massif offers a wide range of activities and leisure activities to do with the family. What do you dream of better than a small excursion in the mountains with ocean views during your holidays in the Basque Country? Hikers will also find their happiness. The routes of the massif are very diversified to allow beginners and great amateurs to choose the course that suits him. On the ascent or descent, you are free in your choices! we can notably quote the green path, which connects the summit to the station of Saint Ignace. Other discoveries activities offer you to the Rhune. At the foot of the massif, you can visit an exceptional village. This is Sare, one of the most beautiful villages in France in the Basque Country, best known for its prehistoric caves. Not to mention Bayonne, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Ainhoa ​​...