Your holidays near Itxassou

Located in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques in the Aquitaine region, Itxassou is a village in the Basque Country. Famous thanks to its black cherries, this peaceful little village is an ideal starting point for a walk to the Pas de Roland, which borders the waters of the Nive in the Labourd province. Discover this charming town by staying in our campsite Basque Country.

To visit in Itxassou:

In Itxassou, the interior and the surroundings of the village will seduce you with its many remarkable sites and monuments, starting with the Saint-Fructueux church, built in the 17th century and its galleries with three floors and carved wood. She is surrounded by her cemetery with discoidal stelae. Then there is the square with its pediment for the Basque pelota, or the Pas de Roland, parade of steep gorges Ateka-Gaitz towards the Artzamendi, crossed by the swirls of the Nive. There is a legend explaining the appearance of this site. It is said that the knight Roland, who wanted to go to Roncesvalles, made his way through the huge rock, with the help of his Durandal sword. On the heights of the village, you will also find remarkable points of view, especially towards Mount Ursumu and its aerodrome dedicated to gliding, or to the Col de Mehatsé where you can see remains of ancient Basque funeral rites. For over 1000 years before Jesus Christ, the Basques would not bury their dead in the Dolmen but incinerate them. In addition, you can also visit the ruin of a castle belonging to the King of Navarre, built in the Middle Ages, on the Mondarrain. Indeed, this mountain is conducive to hiking and climbing. From the top of Mount Artzamendi, you can relax and stroll while observing a magnificent panorama of pottoks and sheep.

Activities in Itxassou:

Itxassou offers many activities to perfect your stay in this small Basque village. You can, for example, introduce you to gliding at Mount Ursumu, or go for hikes on horseback at Mondarrain. It is also the ideal place for climbing. Many appointments are not to be missed in Itxassou, namely: the cherry festival at the beginning of June, or the festival of the Nive in July dedicated to culture.