Caves of Sare

Visit the caves of Sare in the Basque Country

The site of the caves Sare is composed of the cave of Lezea which is the object of a guided tour along a course of sound and lights, of a museum of site with free access which includes a film of presentation, and an outdoor megalithic park. Geological treasure, the cave of Lezea will impress you by the size of its rooms and its atypical calcareous concretions. Along a 900-meter scenic route, you will find rooms inhabited by humans in the Paleolithic, traces of the passage of cave bears, and the current lairs of bat colonies. Through the visit of the cave as the museum, you will also discover the basics of Basque mythology. The park finally gives to see reconstructions of protohistoric monuments. The site as a whole is ideal for exploring the oldest origins of Basque culture.

Access the caves of Sare from the campsite

The site of the caves of Sare is located at a little more than 20 km, about 30 minutes by car from the campsite Larrouleta: to reach it, go towards Ascain (via the D4 from Urrugne, or via the Route d'Ascain by Saint-Jean-de-Luz), and continue on the D4 towards Sare. Go past the Train Rhune before reaching Sare. In Sare, go around the village then leave the D4 to take the D306 to Spain. Drive about 4 km. Then turn left and continue straight to your destination.

The caves of Sare, not to be missed

When camping in the Basque Country, discover the sites that must be discovered. Sare figure for example among the essential. It is classified as "the most beautiful village in France" and is home to some monuments to discover. But the village of Sare is famous all over the world thanks to the famous caves of Sare. A renowned archaeological site, these caves including Lezea, Urio Gaina, Urio Behera, Leze ttiki and Faardiko harria are unique in the world. They date from prehistory and are an excellent idea to visit during your camping holidays in the Basque Country. The discovery of the Lezea cave in sound and light is a must. The course extends over 900 m with a footpath that is commonly known as the smugglers trail. The atypical geology of this cave will reveal you the secrets of the habitat of prehistory and the origins of the Basque people, without forgetting the myths that have made its identity. Your visit to the Caves of Sare is also the ideal moment to discover its Museum of Prehistory. You can admire flint tools, human and animal bones and discover two millennia of history. Do not forget Megalithic Park free access with its unique monuments reconstituted. Visits are of course open to families. Various events are regularly organized in the village of Sare to discover and rediscover the beauty of this renowned site.

Activities around the Caves of Sare

Outdoor activities abound in Sare and its surroundings. The whole family can find happiness among the proposed hobbies. If the hikes in the mountains of Rhune seduce lovers of nature, fishing at the foot of the mountain also many followers. Other leisure activities such as horse riding, tennis, swimming pool ... are of course optional. The pediment of the Sare also remains open to those who wish to try Basque pelota, a sport emblematic of this country of exception. To discover the breathtaking landscapes of the Basque Country, you can also take the train Rhune to reach the top of the Rhune. During the holidays, there are many activities in Grotte de Sare. Markets with regional products, parties and festivals, parties of balls ... are also an opportunity to enjoy the best of Basque culture.