San Sebastian

Larrouleta, a campsite near San Sebastian

The campsite Larrouleta is located just 30 kilometers from the city of San Sebastian, also called Donostia. By staying in our campsite in the Basque Country in caravanning, or tent, you will quickly reach Donostia, city of the Spanish Basque Country, either by vehicle by the highway, or via the topo, small train from Hendaye, border town of Irun in Spain.

Tourism in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain (San Sebastian in French). Combining tradition and modernity, this city of human size has distinguished itself culturally with its international film and jazz festivals, but is also the capital of "pintxo". Gastronomy occupies a major place, you can enjoy tapas with friends or family.

Must see tours in San Sebastian

Renowned for the beauty of its harbor and the wealth of its architectural heritage, the city of San Sebastian in Spain is also called the "pearl of Cantabria". Not to be missed during your visit, the beautiful urban beach nestled between the rocky mountains Igeldo and Urgull, the romanticism of the old town, or the belle-epoque charm of the theater Victoria Eugenia, the baths of the Perla and the Maria Christina hotel. Climb Mount Urgull to discover the ramparts of the city and their guns, and to offer a unique view of the bay. Also worth visiting are the palaces and castles (the Royal Palace Miramar, the Palace of the Duke of Mandas, the neoclassical palace of Aiete, and the castle of La Motte), as well as the religious buildings (the Baroque Basilica Santa Maria, the cathedral Buen Pastor, or the Gothic Church of St. Vincent).

San Sebastian is a lovely town. It mixes tradition and modernity. Its international Cinema and Jazz festivals make it a cultural city. It s also the pintxo  capital. Gastronomy leads an important place there.