Saint jean de Luz was a corsair town . Louis IX and Maria-Teresa, the Infanta of Spain got married in this seaside resort. You will like its port, pedestrian street and its gorgeous view to the bay walking by the waterfront boardwalk.

To visit in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

On vacation in the Basque Country? Do not forget to visit the incredible seaside resort of Saint Jean de Luz! If before, it was a high place of whaling, it has become over the years a flagship destination of the Basque territory. Its magnificent beaches, its bay and its animations make all its charm. Moreover, it is possible to discover the city on foot. Saint-Jean-de-Luz is also distinguished by the richness of its history. In 1660, it was in this city born from the sea that Louis XIV married Infanta Maria Theresa of Austria. It is even known as the "corsair city" because of the importance of its maritime activities in past centuries. You can discover the Maison de l'Infante, the Louis XIV House and the Basque Ecomuseum Jean Vier and many other old buildings that characterize real estate in Saint Jean de Luz. In Saint Jean de Luz, you can also visit other heritage such as the Ducontenia Park, the theater of nature and the Casino de la Pergola. During your visit, do not miss its fishing port. Fishing for sardines, tuna and anchovies are still practiced. The animation of the port and the landing of the fish are shows to discover with family.

Activities in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

The beaches of Saint-Jean-de-Luz form an ideal ground to indulge in the pleasures of idleness and nautism. The city has no less than 6 beaches including Erromardie, Lafitenia, Mayarco, Cenitz, the Grande Plage and Acotz. Families will prefer, for example, the calm and safety of the Grande Plage while surfers opt for the wild waves of Acotz. You will enjoy swimming, kite surfing, sailing, cruising, diving, fishing and many other water sports. This resort can also be discovered in other ways: nature walks, Basque pelota, quad biking, canoeing ... Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the extensive golf courses of Chantaco and Nivelle, set in a peaceful setting. natural. Saint Jean de Luz, it is also a city of shopping, in the countless shops of the city, everyone can find happiness. The animations are beautiful ways to appreciate the authenticity and the Basque culture. After visiting the city, you can explore Bayonne, Biarritz, Anglet or the beautiful villages of Ainhoa, Sare ... Why not venture to Spain? In short, it is the ideal starting point to discover the whole Basque country.